I spend almost every minute I am awake listening to music. I find it to be an amazing tool for concentration. Plus, a good dance break is vital for a productive study session. My favorite genres are Surf Rock, Garage Rock, Preverb, and Indie Surf, but I love almost all music and am always interested in hearing new things. I listen to an album I have never heard before every day.

Check out my to see what bands I have been listening to the most lately. I also highly recommend messing around with, which graphs every genre on Spotify and the artists within them, to find some new amazing music.

Favorite Album: Teenage Movie Soundtrack by Heyrocco (right)


I also love creating art. I am most interested in portraits, but any living thing intrigues me. I love drawing with pens and pencils, and painting with acrylic paints. Recently I have been experimenting with digital art.

This is the most recent piece of digital art I have produced.